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Smeg CPS615NX

5 Years Parts & Labour

15cm Height “Dolce Stil Novo” Sommelier Drawer

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  • Suitable for fitting directly beneath a 45cm height wine cooler. Both items fit in a standard 60cm aperture
  • Maximum load weight 15kg (inside drawer) / 50kg (above the drawer)
  • Slavonia durmast wooden shelf
  • Wine pump + 2 corks
  • Sparkling wines cork
  • Cork to pour wine
  • Anti-drip cork
  • Solid steel cork for sparkling wines
  • Champagne/ sparkling wine pliers
  • Corkscrew sommelier GHEMME
  • Red wine cork
  • Wine thermometer with slipcase
  • Wine funnel with wooden handle



5 Years Parts & Labour