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delonghiDe’Longhi’s unique combination of quality, innovation and design has made the company a world leader in domestic appliances. Beside being No.1 in the world in espresso coffee machines, De'Longhi meets a wide range of domestic requirements, heating and cooling your home, cooking your meals, steaming your suit. Offering innovative home appliances with a distinctive combination of style and performance, always turning "the everyday" into something special.

High to Low

  1. DeLonghi DTR906-IND

    DeLonghi DTR906-IND

    DeLonghi Professional 900 Twin Cavity Induction Rangecooker
  2. DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/CR

    DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/CR

    DeLonghi 3 Cavity Rangecooker - Cream
  3. DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/WH

    DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/WH

    DeLonghi 3 Cavity Rangecooker - White
  4. DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/BL

    DeLonghi D3VR908-DF/BL

    DeLonghi 3 Cavity Rangecooker - Black
  5. DeLonghi DVTR906-DF/WH

    DeLonghi DVTR906-DF/WH

  6. DeLonghi DVTR906-DF/SS

    DeLonghi DVTR906-DF/SS

  7. DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/SS

    DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/SS

  8. DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/BL

    DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/BL

  9. DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/LB

    DeLonghi DVRS906-DF/LB

  10. DeLonghi DTR906-G

    DeLonghi DTR906-G

    DeLonghi Professional 900 Twin Cavity GasRangecooker
  11. DeLonghi DTR906-DF/SS
  12. DeLonghi DTR906-DF/CR
  13. DeLonghi DTR906-DF/AN
  14. DeLonghi DSR906-G/SS
  15. DeLonghi DSR906-DF/SS
  16. DeLonghi DDC606-DF/SS
  17. DeLonghi DCH900SS

    DeLonghi DCH900SS

    DeLonghi 90cm Chimney Hood - Stainless Steel
  18. DeLonghi DCH900BL

    DeLonghi DCH900BL

    DeLonghi 90cm Chimney Hood - Black

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