1. Britannia 544446219

    Britannia 544446219

    Britannia Breeze Retro Tall Fridge
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  2. Nordmende RET341CA+

    Nordmende RET341CA+

    Nordmende 177 x 60.5cm Retro Freestanding Fridge With Ice Box
  3. Smeg FAB5LCR

    Smeg FAB5LCR

    50's style Minibar Cooler in Cream, Left hand hinge
  4. Smeg FAB5RCR3

    Smeg FAB5RCR3

    40cm Cream Small 50s Style Right Hand Hinged Minibar
  5. Smeg FAB5LCR3

    Smeg FAB5LCR3

    40cm Cream Small 50s Style Left Hand Hinged Minibar
  6. Smeg FAB10RP

    Smeg FAB10RP

    50's style Fridge with ice compartment in Cream, Right hand hinge Energy efficiency class A+
  7. Smeg FAB10HLP

    Smeg FAB10HLP

    55cm Small 50's Style Home Bar Fridge, LH
  8. Smeg FAB10HRP

    Smeg FAB10HRP

    50's style home bar Fridge in Cream, Right hand hinge Energy efficiency class A+
  9. Smeg FAB10LCR2

    Smeg FAB10LCR2

    55cm 50s Style Cream Small Left Hand Hinged Fridge with Icebox
  10. Smeg FAB28LCR3UK

    Smeg FAB28LCR3UK

    50's Style Fridge with Ice Box
  11. Smeg FAB28RCR3UK

    Smeg FAB28RCR3UK

    50's Style Fridge with Ice Box

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